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A woman measuring the stomach with measuring tape

Weight loss can be a difficult journey that most of us have had to face from time to time. Truthfully I don’t know anyone who particularly enjoys every step of that journey. It can be intrusive, time consuming and require so many sacrifices making the journey feel more like a prison sentence at times. The reason for the frustration is that we do not always see the results we want and often it is because with diet and exercise alone we still do not have complete control of where we lose the unwanted fat.

We may have a six pack and a tight buttock but still have that annoying bra fat or love handles preventing us from feeling like we have achieve our goals. How about that extra fat on the backs of our arms drawing unwanted attention when we wave to a friend? What about the frustration of dropping weight only to gain it back while on vacation or simply have a few cheat days? If you have faced this you should know that you are far from being alone…. but there is help.

First let’s break this down some. As you know our bodies store excess calories for future use and this storage is what we commonly refer to as fat. This stored energy is stored in our bodies in fat cells that are predetermined and placed throughout our bodies. We don’t control where these cells are or where our bodies pull from when needing access to this stored energy. This explains why some carry extra fat around their belly and others can have a flat belly and store extra fat in their hips or thighs. These fat cells are like balloons in the sense that they fill with fat when needed and then empty (deflate) when the fat from in those cells is pulled to be used for energy. This happens when we reduce our calorie intake below the number of calories we are burning each day referred to as a calorie deficit. This calorie deficit leads to weight loss but this is not permanent. These fat cells or balloons are ready to fill back up when every we take in an excess of calories vs what we burned as a fuel source. So what’s the solution?

The key to permanent fat loss or targeting fat loss toward those areas that are most important to see us is through Liposuction or one of the Body Contouring options offered by Laser Skin Solutions. Likely you have heard all about the benefits of Liposuction and chances are you have at least looked into it. So you know that Liposuction means surgery which includes downtime for recovery not to mention the risks associated with surgery. Have you every priced these procedures? Ouch! Other options are available….

Body Contouring may be the right option for you, but which treatment is best?

EMSlim is an FDA-cleared energy device approved for fat loss and building muscle. In six independent trials it was found that EMSlim reduces fat storage to the treated area by about 19% while increasing muscle mass in the area by 16%. This is achieved thought the high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy that triggers what’s called supramaximal contractions which cannot be achieved by voluntary muscle action (exercise). This happens at a rate of about 20,000 contractions in a period of just 30 minutes. That’s like doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats in 30 minutes! This intense “workout” causes the muscles in the area to release large amounts of fatty acids that then target and kill the fat cells. These fat cells are then metabolized and flushed from your body as waste…. permanently. Another benefit to using EMSlim over treatments such as CoolSculpting, light therapies or even liposuction is that EMSlim builds muscle. This muscle with help tightens up the area taking inches off the treated area and increase your strength, tone, and often even posture. Muscle also burns fat. Building muscle is a natural way to increase metabolism which leads to helping you maintain and even increase fat loss. Just by having the treatments and adding the average of 16% of muscle to the treated area you will continue to burn more calories in a sedentary state than before your EMSlim treatments. Combining EMSlim with a healthy eating and active lifestyle has proven to have benefits far beyond those achieved through dieting alone.

Cavi-Lipo is an FDA approved treatment for fat removal which adopts ultrasonic waves to remove fat from the targeted area. By administering high frequency acoustic waves, it produces a cavitation effect to blast the fat cells and even eliminate cellulite. This happens as the ultrasonic waves create micro bubbles in fat cells causing them to release the fatty liquids as they become damaged. Our body then recognized this fatty liquid and the damaged fat cells as waste which it then removes from our body permanently. This treatment is painless and requires no downtime and is safe for all skin types. Treatments can be done to any part of the body and is our most effective treatment for addressing unwanted fat in areas that do not typically have muscle mass as needed for our EMSlim treatments. Examples include love handles, bra fat on the back, under the chin eliminating that second chin. The treatment is also perfect for those that have cellulite but do not want to build muscle in the area like the back of their legs, lower abdomen, arms, and even chest. This treatment is extremely versatile and can be adjusted to address most any area of concern.

Whatever your fat loss goals are, one of or a combination of body contouring options will hep you achieve your fat loss goals without the risks and downtime of surgical options….and at a fraction of the cost. The treatments are pain free and are completed in regular 30 minute sessions. While most see a measurable difference with each treatment, results will continue to be seen for up to 6 months after treatments as the treated area continues to rid itself of the damaged fat cells. Our clients are raving about these treatments as they are loving the results they are seeing.

Miriam R wrote,“I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Anjelica and my experience visiting her for body sculpting! She is professional, kind, funny and patient, and makes you feel totally comfortable right at the start. The results I have achieved with just the 4-session package of EM Slim are amazing, (full results at 6 mo!!!!) and has boosted my performance & confidence at the gym, (and in life) giving me more core strength, engagement and tone to help me achieve my goals. I will be recommending Anjelica to my family and friends!!!” – As posted on Google

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