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Have you ever considered laser hair removal but have been reluctant to commit to the treatment? That’s okay, I have to admit I was hesitant before I tried it as well. I heard all the horror stories of people getting burned or how much it hurts. Other considerations of course included the cost of the process and an overall distrust as to whether it really works. I think these are all valid concerns and I understand why my clients are often nervous the first time. Let’s go through some of these concerns and I think you will find yourself much more at ease.

Waxing is a very common procedure that most men and women seem to go with, likely because of the above concerns, and it is very effective at removing unwanted hair. However…IT HURTS! Not to mention it is only temporary. When someone opts for waxing, they must commit to coming in and getting the treatments every 4-6 weeks…FOR LIFE! When I think back to before I received laser hair removal treatments, I remember not looking forward to going back but knowing I had in order to maintain. I also remember the period between treatments. Yes my skin was soft, smooth and hair free in the area after treatment, but this only lasted for a short time. Not long after the treatments I would then have skin irritations like bumps and even ingrown hairs. This was so frustrating because here I was putting my self though the procedure only to look the way I wanted for a short time. Then I was embarrassed of the aftermath staying covered up until after my next waxing appointment. Then I needed to let the hair grow back out in order to be treated again. So in the end…with each treatment I really only had 1-2 weeks of smooth skin that I was comfortable showing off.

Laser Hair Removal was a game changer for me! As I mentioned before, I was reluctant to try laser hair removal mostly because I thought it would hurt. Now if we go back 10-15 years I will say, from what I understand, laser hair removal was painful. This explains all of the conventional understanding of the process and why the fear has spread. However, today’s lasers are much more advanced. We use only the latest equipment that is virtually pain free. When we get to more sensitive areas it can be a little spicy for some but I would classify it as uncomfortable not painful. And as for getting burned, that should never happen and it is the result of the technician not paying attention to their settings and skin types.

A few days after the treatment the hair follicles will then begin to fall out. Since shaving before the visit is required, the area is already smooth and should stay that way. You should not experience the skin irritations that are common with waxing, sugaring and shaving. Most notice that much of the hair does not grow back and the hair that does come back after that visit is thinner. The regrowth process after laser hair removal slows way down taking several weeks. This is the reason we space our appointments 4 weeks apart, we need the hair to grow back some so we can zap it again! With each visit less and less hair will grow in the area. We aim to complete 6-8 treatments in each area to ensure there is no regrowth. Once we get all the needed monthly treatments in, you should find the area is hair free! Now the client may only need a yearly touch up to keep that hair at bay.

So, now we have covered the process and hopeful put your concerns about the pain and effectiveness to rest. Now lets talk cost. For our example we will use a small area such as the upper lip. If you are having the area waxed you are probably paying about $20 per visit. You will then do this at least every month and in some cases more often, costing you about $240 per year. Now ask yourself…how many years you will need this treatment and multiply that number times $240. For example, at my age I would say I would have the desire to wax that area for about 10-15 years. This means that over time I would spend between $2,400 and $3,600 to keep the area maintained. Now consider the time spent, the pain and all that good stuff that must be factored in. If I decide to go with the same procedure at Laser Skin Solutions, you are going to pay about $240 for 8 treatments (that’s only $10 per visit more than Waxing). Then after 8 visits your done! Even if you needed yearly touch-ups at $30 per year, the cost (not to mention time spent on all those visits) could never reach the cost of waxing.

Lets recap this to be clear….Laser hair removal with Laser Skin Solutions in Portland is less expensive over time, less painful, more effective, no post treatment skin irritations, and permanent. Hmmm..seems like an easy decision to me. No wonder it is the most performed advanced cosmetic procedure in the US. Still nervous? Come in for a consultation and we can do a test patch and see if you are comfortable with booking the full treatment. We will put your mind at ease. Click the picture and be directed to our customer reviews page.

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