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Terms and Conditions

Results will vary as skin types can be very different. We will do our best to build a treatment plan that matches your skins apparent needs using our experience to make our best recommendation. We cannot guarantee results or the number of treatments needed in order to achieve our clients desired results. We will take before and after pictures ,measurements for body contouring, for each treatment in order to track results and how our clients skin reacts to those treatments. These pictures will not be shared without the clients consent.

Each client must complete a health history form as well as a consent for treatment form for the desired treatment prior to the treatment. This ensures the procedure is safe to be performed on you and that you are made fully aware of any risks or pretreatment requirements.

We understand that things happen. We do ask that you give us as much notice as possible when cancelling your appointment. This can be done in the online scheduling app available up to 2 hours before your appointment or via text message to (503)470-2341 up to your appointment time. A no show may result in a charge of $40 to be applied at our discretion. We will send appointment reminders 24 hours and 2 hours prior to your appointment to help you adhere to this policy but you must agree to receive text message communication in the scheduling app to receive these reminders.