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Body Composition Scans in Portland, OR

Our well-trained and qualified team of estheticians provide Portland, OR with body scan compositions to help them get a better look at their physical health and appearance. We want to keep our clients safe and in the shape they desire. When you are ready to begin your weight loss or management journey, allow us to perform a complete body composition scan to give you the best observation of how you currently look. A Fit3d Body scan from Laser Skin Solutions will take hundreds of measurements in just 20 seconds, giving you an accurate picture of everything that matters to you. We include a 3-month membership to receive free body composition scans to each of our clients that purchased a package of body contouring treatments so they can continue to track their progress. Go online today to schedule your visit.

Body composition scans help track progress toward goals

Benefits of Receiving a Body Composition Scan

Simply tracking your weight is often not the best way to track your progress. It can be discouraging and inaccurate. Weight fluctuates so quickly that it isn’t the most accurate assessment. With our body composition scan, you can see more than weight. Check out the benefits below:


You can track up to 12 different body circumference measurements, including shoulders, chest, hips, upper arms, waist, stomach, upper thigh, mid-thigh, and calves. Afterward, you can better target exercise or body contouring treatments to get the results you want.

Progress Tracking

With this body composition analysis, you can see what areas are affected by your weight loss regimen, and we can give you tips to target certain zones in your body to achieve your goals. We can show you fat mass, lean muscle mass, body fat %, and many other stats.

Wellness Matrix

We can also give you an overall rating of your health based on age, gender, and how you compare to an average person within those parameters for a better side-by-side analysis. You can apply that information to your diet and exercise to attain your weight loss and muscle-building journey.

We’re Here for All Your Aesthetic & Body Contouring Services

At Laser Skin Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible medical aesthetic, skin care and body contouring outcomes. Our team of experienced professionals offers a range of advanced treatments and personalized services to address your unique needs and goals. We offer ongoing support and guidance throughout your treatment journey, including post-treatment care instructions, follow-up appointments, and access to skincare products to help you maintain and enhance your results. Whether you’re seeking wrinkle treatments, cosmetic injections, skin care solutions or body contouring treatments, Laser Skin Solutions is committed to helping you achieve your desired outcomes and feel confident in your skin. We are here to support you every step of the way on your path to healthier, more radiant skin and a contoured physique.

Body Scan Composition FAQs

The following are some frequently asked questions we receive from our clients:

No, this is not an X-ray, the body scanner takes readings outside your body with no radiation of any kind, so it is safe for all of our clients to receive.

We recommend tight fitting clothing and if you have long hair, putting it up so that you can get the most accurate reading possible. We offer complete privacy, so taking off extra layers is a great option as well.

Yes, on your first visit you will set up access to your own portal. This allows you to see your readings from the past to current and even compare them tracking your progress.

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