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Hair Restoration Treatments in Portland, OR

Laser Skin Solutions reverses hair loss with our hair restoration treatments in Portland, OR. Over the years, our clients have come to expect nothing but the best services and a wide variety of options, so we deliver on that expectation by also providing hair restoration. Our microneedling process injects a clinically developed hair restoration solution that can only be administered by a certified provider. When injected into the skin and scalp, the solution stimulates tissue regeneration and growth of the hair follicles at the base. Thanks to modern advances in hair follicle science, we can offer this non-invasive and proven effective method. Take the first step in your hair restoration journey by scheduling your consultation with us today.

Women achieved thick hair regrowth after non invasive hair restoration treatments

How Do I Maintain My Results?

When looking to regrow lost hair, there are plenty of options on the market. Over-the-counter products can be a waste of time, money, and energy. Surgical options come with no guarantees and require extensive downtime. You can see results in as little as three treatments with our staff. Once you reach your desired hair goals, your results will last 6-12 months. For continued success, we recommend our male and female clients that suffer from thinning hair schedule one to two maintenance treatments a year for continued growth.

Male hair restoration for thing hair without surgery

Hair Restoration Cost

Check out the prices of our hair restoration services below:

Single Hair Restoration Treatment


Each treatment includes a Home Hair Restoration kit valued at $180.

Hair Restoration Treatment Package


Three treatments of hair restoration as well as three Home Hair Restoration kits valued at $180 each.

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Hair Restoration FAQs

The hair growth can remain anywhere from 6-12 months. We encourage follow-up visits to maintain hair thickness.

No, once you have achieved the desired results, we encourage maintenance treatments one to two times a year to keep and potentially improve the results first achieved.

No. In fact, you can begin treatments as soon as you feel your hair is thinning or before in order to prevent hair loss. There are no negative sides to starting early.

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Visible Hair Restoration Treatments & Other Services

Not only can we help you regrow your lost hair with our hair restoration treatments, we can also make your skin glow and your teeth shine. Laser Skin Solutions is an all-in-one facility dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. When you have questions, we have answers. Don’t try to navigate hair loss alone. Allow our team to guide you through the process and help you understand each step of the way. No matter where you are in your hair restoration journey, we have options to assist. Call us today and schedule your one-on-one consultation to get all your needed answers.

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