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Body Contouring in Portland, OR Helps You Look Your Best

Our body contouring services in Portland, OR help clients cross that final threshold of their weight loss journey by targeting their fat loss. They can also help you slim and shape at any stage to get the body you’ve been working towards. Laser Skin Solutions has a few different body contouring options to help clients shed inches in those trouble areas that can’t be targeted using diet and exercise. If you are unsure of which of our treatment options are best for you, feel free to schedule your free consultation to see how our body contouring options can help you.

Woman who did body contouring treatments to lose unwanted fat enjoying the outdoors

What Is Body Contouring?

While there are plenty of exercises you can perform to target areas when looking to build muscle or lose fat, there are some areas in your body that can’t targeted. Body contouring changes that. Even dieting doesn’t help by causing you to lose fat where you may want it instead of trouble areas like your underarms, belly fat, or inner thighs. These systems were designed to non-surgically remove fat from these areas and help shape your existing form. Body contouring services destroy your fat cells and remove them without making an incision.

Body Contouring Methods We Use


The ultrasonic cavitation fat removal treatment is an treatment for fat reduction that adopts ultrasonic waves to remove fat from the targeted area while administering radio frequencies to tighten your skin. This treatment works in most places that have pockets of fat of all sizes and in most areas, including those not appropriate for Coolplas and EMS Body Contouring treatments.


Also known as 'Coolsculpting' and 'Cryolipolysis', CoolPlas is a cosmetic treatment removes excess unwanted fat in stubborn areas by freezing, killing, and breaking them down so they can’t return. This option requires the ability to pull loose skin and excess fat making it most effective in fatty, less muscular areas like the lower belly, flanks, bra/back fat and under the chin.

EMS Body Contouring

This electromagnetic energy device is an excellent choice for fat reduction and building muscle while administering radio frequency. Even better than liposuction or CoolSculpting, this option tones your muscles by stimulating muscle contractions which damage the fat cells stimulating your body to remove those fat cells in problematic areas. The addition of RF simultaneously tightens the skin in the treated area. This makes this treatment a good option for more muscular areas like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

What to Expect With Body Contouring Services

When you show up for your treatment, you need to wear clothing that can expose the area for body contouring services. Your esthetician will prep you to lie down on your back or stomach. They have complete control over the settings and will start low and then increase to a level you are comfortable with while achieving the maximum results. During post-treatment, some have reported feeling minimal soreness for 24 hours, while others say they feel no discomfort at all the next day. You should begin to see results after each treatment, but depending on your desired look, we will recommend how many times you will need to visit.

Complete Your Fat Loss Journey With Body Contouring

When you’re ready to take your physical looks and health to the next level, consider body contouring services from our well-trained and equipped staff. We offer plenty of other services outside of body contouring to help you achieve the best skin, teeth, and more. If you can’t decide which option is best for you, give us a call today, or schedule your initial consultation. We’ll review all of our body contouring services and more to see what will help you achieve your goals.

Body Sculpting Costs

Check out the pricing of our body contouring services below:

EMS Body Contouring Package

Was $995
NOW $695

Four 30-minute sessions to be scheduled twice a week are included targeting the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

CoolPlas Body Treatment

Was $725
NOW $362

Choose this option for any area you have two of including flanks, thighs, hips, bra fat, or arms. Pricing is set for the pair of body parts treated not each side.

CoolPlas Belly Treatment

Was $675
Now $337

30-minute treatments for the belly area.

CoolPlas Chin Treatment

Was $375
NOW $187

Treatments for under the chin minimize the appearance of a double chin.

Cavi-Lipo Body Contouring


One 30-minute session included targeting almost any area with stubborn fat and cellulite including the abdomen, buttocks, calves, thighs, arms, back (bra fat), flanks, and chin.

Cavi-Lipo Body Contouring Pack of 3


Three 30-minute sessions included targeting almost any area with stubborn fat and cellulite including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, back (bra fat), and flanks.

Cavi-Lipo Body Contouring Pack of 6


Six 30-minute sessions included targeting almost any area with stubborn fat and cellulite including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, back (bra fat), and flanks.

Customized EMS & Cavi-Lipo Body Contouring Package


Receive a combination of four EMS Body Contouring and six Cavi-Lipo treatments. Treat one muscular area such as the abdominal area or buttocks with EMS Body Contouring and address stubborn fat in two less muscular areas such as love handles, chin, or bra back fat with Cavi-Lipo.

Customized EMS Body Contouring & CoolPlas Treatment Package


Receive a combination of four EMS Body Contouring and two CoolPlas treatments. Treat one muscular area such as the abdominal area, thighs, or buttocks and also receive two CoolPlas treatments to address stubborn fat in less muscular areas such as love handles, double chin, FUPA, or bra back fat. CoolPlas and EMS body contouring treatments can be done in the same visit but not on the same body part.

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Save 50% on each of our Coolplas treatment options for a limited time

Body Contouring
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Save $300 on our EMS body Contouring treatment option for a limited time

We’re Here for All Your Aesthetic & Body Contouring Services

Body Contouring FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about body contouring services:

You will begin to see and feel results immediately after EMS Body Contouring. These will be small changes that increase with each treatment, like posture improvements or decreased fatigue during exercise as well as lost inches. Most patients are noticing visible results around two months post-treatment, and maintain results with a maintenance plan. Clinical studies have shown that results can continue to improve for up to six months.

CoolPlas can help remove up to 25% of body fat from your lower belly area. Trouble areas like this are perfect for treatment since this area can be stubborn and they aren’t as targetable with exercise as others on your body.

After 8 to 10 weeks, about 90% of the targeted fat cells may have been removed, but for some, the result can continue to develop for six months. We can also repeat the treatment after three weeks.

Fat cells removed by any of our body contouring treatments become a waste product and then are processed by the lymphatic system and eliminated from the body permanently.

Both body contouring treatments deliver no pain, but if you feel something is off, please let your esthetician know so they can adjust the treatment.

While both eliminate fat cells, they do it differently. Coolplas targets stubborn fat and destroys them by freezing. EMS body contouring also targets fat elimination but focuses on building muscle to burn fat through the use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy.

You should see results within a matter of days post-treatment. With subsequent treatments, the results will become more obvious. Final results occur about three months after your last treatment. You may see quicker results based on how well your lymphatic system eliminates the destroyed cells.

The fat cells are not just deflated like you experience when dieting. The cells are actually destroyed and then flushed from your body. The destroyed fat cells do not grow back.

CoolPlas, Coolsculpting, and Cryolipolysis are all the same cosmetic treatments that remove excess fat in stubborn areas by freezing fat cells, killing and breaking them down in the process. Cryolipolysis is the medical term for the freezing process as used in body contouring. CoolPlas and Coolsculpting are some of the many brands of equipment used to perform Cryolipolysis. Since Coolsculpting was the originator of the process and held a patent to the technology, it is more widely recognized. Much like many of us who ask for a Kleenex (the brand) when what we really want a facial tissue (non-brand specific but still the same). Now that the patent on CoolSculpting has expired, many other brands are using the same technology and achieving similar and at times better results at a lower cost.

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